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Darjuv9 Shilajeet Capsule

Darjuv9 Sages and Seas-Shilajeet Capsule

Darjuv9 Sages and Seas-Shilajeet Capsule


We believe that "Quality is never an accident; it is the result of good intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution and it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." Thus our products are formed with traditional manufacturing processes and presented to our customers in modern packages to maximize convenience and utility.

What is Shilajeet?

Shilajit is a sticky, blackish-brownish resin rich in minerals that comes from layers of rock in several mountain ranges throughout the world, including the Himalayan, Tibetan, and Altai mountains.it contains an important compound known as fulvic acid.

Sages and Seas-Shilajeet Capsule is an Ayurvedic formula that is useful for thyroid rejuvenating the whole body.

Key Ingredients of Darjuv9 Sages and Seas-Shilajeet Capsule?

Key Ingredients Information
  • Each Capsule Contains -330mg Shilajeet Extract.
  • Shilajeet Extract:- Asphaltum punjabium-100% w/w
Asphaltum punjabium (Shilajit):- Shilajit is used to treat leucorrhoea, dysuria, glycosuria, breathing disorders, urinary disorders, kidney stones, edema, skin diseases, phthisis, piles, anemia, epilepsy, mental disorders, and worm infestation, sexual problems, premature ejaculation. 

How Darjuv9 Shilajeet Capsule is beneficial for health?

It is mostly used to manage diabetes, treats urinary tract disorders, rejuvenates the whole body, improves intelligence, improves muscle strength, enhances stomach fire, helps in digestion, stimulates appetite, prevents nausea and vomiting, prevents bleeding, treats anemia, improves complexion, prevents aging, useful in fever, improves breathing.

Relieves cough and breathing difficulties, treats indigestion, relieves burning sensation, relieves excessive thirst, useful in abdominal tumors, controls hiccups, relieves sore throat, treats heart problems, treats infertility, treats diarrhea, treats skin disorders, prevents jaundice, treats piles and good for nutrition.

How to use Darjuv9 Sages and Seas-Shilajeet Capsule?

Dosage:- 2-4 tablespoons twice or thrice a day with water or as directed by the physician. 

Storage:-  Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

How To purchase Darjuv9 Sages and Seas-Shilajeet Capsule?

If you want to purchase a Darjuv9 Sages and Seas-Shilajeet Capsule just contacts the details mentioned below.

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New Delhi-110026.
Mobile No. +91 9540414558.