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Heavy Bulking Diet Chart For Non Vegiterian

Comprehensive Diet Plan for Effective Muscle Gain.

Gaining muscle requires a combination of effective training and proper nutrition. A well-structured diet plan plays a pivotal role in maximizing muscle growth and aiding recovery. This article outlines a comprehensive diet plan designed to support your muscle gain goals.

Heavy Bulking Diet Chart For Non Vegiterian

Diet No. 1:- Pre-Training Nutrition (2 Hours Before Training).

Start your day with a nutritious meal.
  • 5 egg whites (with 1 yolk) for protein.
  • Boiled potatoes (300g) for complex carbs, Curd (200g) for probiotics,
  • A salad (200g) for vitamins and fiber.

Diet No. 2:- Pre-Workout Nutrition (30 Minutes Before Training).
  • Fuel your workout with creatine (3g) to enhance performance.
  • 1 scoop of pre-workout supplement for an energy boost.

Diet No. 3:- Intra-Training Nutrition (During Training).
  • Stay hydrated with an essential amino acid (EAA) drink to support muscle recovery and hydration during your workout.

Diet No. 4:- Post-Workout Nutrition (After Training).
  • Optimize recovery with whey protein to replenish amino acids and promote muscle repair.
  • Consume rice (100g) to restore glycogen stores and aid recovery.

Diet No. 5:- Mid-Afternoon Snack (2 Hours After Training).
  • Maintain the momentum by having a balanced meal.
  • Choose between chicken or fish (200g), rice (250g), and another serving of salad (200g).

Diet No. 6:- Late Afternoon Snack (3 Hours After Training).
  • Keep the protein intake high with egg bhurjee or omelette (made from 5 eggs with 1 yolk), paneer (70g), 2-3 chapatis, and another portion of salad (200g).

Diet No. 7:- Evening Nutrition.
  • Refuel your energy with a protein shake: Blend milk (300ml), oats (40g), a banana, a spoon of honey, and a spoon of peanut butter.

Diet No. 8:- Dinner.
  • Ensure a balanced dinner by including chicken (250g), rice (150g), salad (200g), and avocado (80g) for healthy fats.

Diet No. 9:- Late-Night Snack.
  • Support nighttime recovery with a mix of nutrients: Consume walnuts (20g), 4 dates, and papaya (200g).
  • Drink 14-18 glasses of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and aid digestion.
Nutritional Summary.
  • Total daily calories: 3586 kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 403g
  • Fat: 103g
  • Protein: 308g


Gaining muscle requires a holistic approach that encompasses both workout routines and dietary choices. This comprehensive diet plan provides a balanced distribution of macronutrients to support your muscle gain goals.