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What is Masai School

The Masai School Story.

Masai is an outcome-driven career school. Our mission is to skill India’s untapped & underutilized talent and to train them for some of the most in-demand jobs in the world. We are introducing a new model of higher education in which we, Masai, invest in our students’ future and success. As India’s fastest-growing career school, Masai has one goal: unlocking the human potential of India by making our education system outcome-driven.

What if educational institutions shared the monetary risks their students take on when they invest in higher education?

The Co-Founder & CEO, Prateek Shukla was teaching with Teach For India during his pre-final year at IIT Kanpur and stumbled upon the education problem in India and how under-tapped India’s true potential is. During a vacation to Kenya and Tanzania a few years later, he met with the Chieftain of the Masai Maara Tribe. He learned about the robust skilling techniques the tribe follows to keep themselves always able and self-sustained. Back in India, he realized that every technology company spends about 6 months training their new recruits before they move on to contribute to the organizational goals. Finding an opportunity to help upskill Bharat, Prateek got Nrupul Dev and Yogesh Bhat together to start Masai School in June 2019.

They set out to build a military-style coding school, based on the 9-9-6 intensive training regime that runs for 6 days a week from 9am to 9pm. The holistic program includes 1200 hours of hands-on coding, 100 hours of soft skills training, 100 hours of mathematics, and more. Since Masai has grown at a staggering rate. With thousands of enrolled students, Masai School is leading the Outcome-Driven Education Revolution in India with new courses like UI/UX and Data Analytics now part of our offering.

  • 2019 We Started Our Journey
  • 3000+ Students Currently Enrolled
  • 30+ Total Batches
  • 96% Placement Rate
  • 700+ Hiring Partners

Fees & ISA Of Masai School

We believe that potential is evenly distributed across Indian society, but opportunity is not. Masai is democratizing education with a unique Income Share Agreement(ISA). ISA allows you to study the course of your choice at INR 0 upfront fee. You pay Masai only if you get a job of INR 5,00,000/- per year or more, after course completion.

How Does Masai ISA Work?

1. Income Share Agreement:- 

ISA is a way for us to invest in your future and success. That means that we as an institution succeed only if we succeed as a developer. Here is how:

5LPA:- You pay us only when you get a job of INR 5,00,000/- per year after course completion.

1 Year:- If you don’t get placed within 1 year after course completion, in a relevant role, you pay nothing for learning at Masai.

Enforcement:- In the event, you are not working or if your income drops below 5LPA, the ISA payments pause.

2. Course Fees.

These only take effect once you start earning ₹5,00,000/- or more.

Full-Time Courses
  • Full Stack Web Development is 3,00,000/-
  • Full Stack Web Development #Offline is 3,30,000/-
  • UI/UX Design: 2,50,000/-

Part-Time Courses
  • Full Stack Web Development is 2,50,000/-
  • Full Stack Android Development is 2,50,000/-
  • UI/UX Design: 2,00,000/-

Sample ISA

  • Income Share Percentage 15.00% (Plus GST@ 18%).
  • Payment Cap ₹3,00,000 (Including 18% GST).
  • Minimum Income ₹41,667.
  • The potential Monthly Salary is ₹42,000/ month.
  • The potential Yearly Salary is ₹5,04,000 / year.
  • The monthly payment is ₹7,434.
  • No. of monthly payments is 36.

Drop Out Clauses

If you realize that Masai School is not for you, you may withdraw from our courses at any time. Here is how the fee works in case you drop out:

What is Masai School ASI

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How do I pay my ISA amount?

Our Income Share Agreement (ISA) payment collection is done through our NBFC (Non-banking financial company) partners. Upon clearing your Unit 1 evaluation, i.e. at the end of 4 weeks from the course start date, you would be required to complete the NBFC documentation.

Our assigned NBFC partner will approve a zero-interest capital equal to the ISA amount, which you can pay in EMIs of 36 months. The EMIs (equated monthly installment) would start only after the completion of the software course and you have successfully secured an offer letter above the threshold amount of Rs 5,00,000 (Five Lakhs rupees only) CTC.

2. What is an ISA and how does it work?

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a way to pay your Masai School course fee. A Masai School ISA is a contract under which you agree to pay 15% of your post-Masai School salary for 36 months, but only once you're making more than 5,00,000/- CTC salary level.

If you do not get the promised outcome, a job that pays 5,00,000/- or more in an industry relevant to the course you study, you pay us nothing at all. Your education is free. Our average salary is above INR 7,00,000/-.

3. When do my ISA repayments start and what if I get fired or leave a job in between?

It will come into action once you get placed with more than 5 LPA jobs after completion of the course. The Masai School ISA has built-in protection for financial hardship. If you lose your job or should your income drop below 5 LPA, your payments will automatically be paused after you've reported the change.