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Adken global Business plan

Adken global Business plan 

 Adken global is on a mission of building a community of successful people, focusing on both health & financial freedom. Headquartered in Mohali Punjab, Adken global has come up with all the solutions to the existing problems that a distributor faces in the industry with our innovative & unbeatable quality products in the wellness sector & a condition-free compensation plan with full transparency. Free We believe in a strong sense of allegiance & loyalty. We make products for people not people for products. Therefore Adken global is always focused to turn dreams into reality.

Here you will get Adken global pdf. In which you get Adken global business plan and product information:

PDF Part -3

 Distributor ID: AG777301

 Some Main point 

  1. Retail Profit = 40-50% All Products
  2. Mentor Bonus = 10% From Unlimited Depth
  3. Enrollment Income
  4. Team Development Income (Binary Income) = 20,000 To 60,000 Daily
  5. Royalty Club Income
  6. Repurchase Income From All Team 
  7. Monthly Bonanza
  8. Awards And Rewards
  9. Active Bonus
  10. Progressive Bonus
  11. Car fund 
  12. House fund