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WordPress-vs-Blogger which one is better

How do I solve /?M=1 redirecting in blogger?

/?m=1 is just a security feature for mobile sites by bloggers. If you want to disable it you can do it on the themes page and disable the mobile site. Use the dashboard Template wizard. Click on the gear beneath "Mobile", select "No. Show desktop template on mobile devices." and Save. It's actually not an issue to solve.

Which blog platform is better to use to make some additional income: WordPress or Blogger?


I started blogging over eight months ago, and I started with WordPress. The reason was the same as everyone out here:-

It offers more customization, so you can design your blog as you like it. The tagline of WordPress ‘It powers more than 33% of the internet’. Yeah, I was like ‘If 1/3rd of the website owners use WordPress, it ought to be good.

But after eight months into blogging, I realized that it’s all useless. Every year, you have to pay almost Rs 2000 as WordPress hosting charges. At some point after using WordPress, you will feel the need to use premium plugins and themes. Thus, additional costs.
Money minting business is all I can say. Most importantly, WordPress has so much to offer that it starts to confuse us. Honestly, I have changed my theme every week while I was using WordPress. WordPress has confused me with all its themes and plugins that I crave for simplicity.

What I did a few days ago, I moved my blog to blogger, and seriously, I am enjoying it now. What the blogger offers, WordPress can’t. The first one is simplicity. No more useless customization.No additional hosting charges and no more premium plugins. And to all the people who think blogger blogs don’t rank in the Google index, rest in peace.

It’s all about the content you have written, customizing your blog won’t bring traffic to your website.

Is Blogger good enough to start a profitable blog?

Yes, you can make money on Blogger. I have outranked major retailers for specific item searches. If you have Adsense code on your site then it benefits Google to send you traffic and you will see traffic if your keyword content is good and there is demand.

With a blogger you have to have several blogs with different targeted keywords and if you can use at least two different accounts. You have to keep in mind not to get too attached to free hosting websites on blogger because they will shut it down for violations of TOS which are sometimes hazy, like "too commercial”. If you have a few it won't kill you to lose one so be aggressive. If you go to my profile there is a link to one of my blogs for one small example of what can be done on blogger Blogspot without spending a dime of your own to get started.

WordPress can be a pain but no reason to spend $100 to get started.