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Herbalife vs Adken global | Which one is better

Herbalife V/S Adken Global.

Hello Friends, My self Prashant Sharma, today I am going to tell you the measure difference between Herbalife and Adken global. Today you will understand which company is better suitable for you Adken global or Herbalife. So, let's Start the differentiate both companies.

Difference between Adken global and Herbalife.

1. Joining is free in both Companies.

2. When you join Herbalife you will get only a 25% discount, But when you join Adken Global you will get a 50% discount on all products. 

3. You Have to invest Around 2lakh - 2.5 lakh in Herbalife to get a 50% discount, But In Adken global you are on a 50% discount from the first day.

4. You have to do heavy repurchasing regularly in Herbalife, But In Adken Global there is no such type of rule.

5. You have to requalify your status every year in Herbalife, But there is no requalification in Adken global.

6. You have to give a minimum of 500-2500 volume business to the company otherwise you will not get the royalty in Herbalife, But there is no such type of rule in adken global.

7. You will only get income from the supervisor's 3rd level, But in Adken Global you will get the income from 10 levels of direct sponsoring. 

SO, these are the measure difference between Herbalife nutrition and Adken global, That's Why Adken global is the No. One nutrition Company in India. So, Guys, I am looking for potential "Business Partners" to expand my business across India. People who are Hardworking, Focused & have a Long Term Vision will be preferred. Prior Sales Experience will be great but not compulsory to start working with me. We offer business opportunities without much investment or experience. 

➡️ Partner with us to turn your #DreamsToReality:- 

✔️No investment needed 
✔️Extra income 
✔️No Experience Required 
✔️No Target 
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These 12 incomes are given by Adken Global.

 Some Main point 
  1. Retail Profit = 40-50% All Products.
  2. Mentor Bonus = 10% From Unlimited Depth.
  3. Enrollment Income.
  4. Team Development Income (Binary Income) = 20,000 To 60,000 Daily.
  5. Royalty Club Income.
  6. Repurchase Income From All Team.
  7. Monthly Bonanza.
  8. Awards And Rewards.
  9. Active Bonus.
  10. Progressive Bonus.
  11. Car fund.
  12. House fund.