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10 Ways to Look Your Best on the Beach

10 Ways to Look Your Best on the Beach

10 ways to look sexy on beach

Preparing for beach season starts at different times for different people. For some, it starts in a gym several months before summer, while for others, it starts right on the beach by hiding extra pounds in the sand. Turns out, there are much easier ways to look stunning on the beach no matter how beach-ready you feel!

Bright Side has learned some tricks and tips to show the strong sides of your body even if you didn’t reach your desired shape by summer. Check out how easy it is to follow these tricks.

10. The style of swimwear.

When choosing swimwear, don’t forget about visual effects. Even the tiniest details count.

Vertical cutouts on a swimsuit make your silhouette visually taller.
High-cut bikini pants make your legs look longer.
Round and V-shaped cutouts and straps tied up around the neck make broad shoulders narrower.
Frills, ruffles, and different embellishments add volume. So if you have narrow hips and wide shoulders, these elements should be on your bikini bottoms.

When trying to hide extra pounds, don’t bother with solid-colored swimsuits. And if you choose the wrong large print, you can make your figure look more massive. If you have wide hips, you can draw more attention to your upper body by choosing a bra with decorative elements.

9. The print and color of the swimwear.

A correctly selected color can visually balance almost any figure. Dark colors should be used in places where you want to hide extra volume, while bright and light colors should be used in places where you want to add the volume. For example, dark stripes on the sides of bikini bottoms help to outline the waistline, while light tops and dark bottoms are better for a figure with wide hips, compact breasts, and narrow shoulders.

A common rule for swimwear also goes with many other types of clothing: horizontal lines add volume, and vertical lines slim the silhouette down.

8. Decorative sarongs.

It’s a well-known fact that sarongs can hide imperfections on any figure. However, this rule only works if the wrap is worn properly. There are many options of how you can tie this accessory to make your silhouette look more proportional. For example, curvy girls are recommended to tie the wrap a little higher above the waist, while slimmer girls are advised to tie it on the hips. When choosing a wrap, it’s also important to pay attention to the print. Curvier girls should avoid larger prints, while the best option for petite girls is a wrap with a medium-sized print.

7. Accessories.

Small details can divert attention from imperfections. These accessories can be anything like a bright beach bag, a necklace, bracelets, or sunglasses with fun designs and colors. However, you should always remember that too much of a good thing is usually a bad thing. A couple of accessories should be enough to solve the problem and harmonize all the looks in your outfit.

Also, a broad-brim hat will help to hide a not-so-perfect hair day. It can be quite helpful after a long day out by the sea.

6. Spray tan.

The pale color of your skin can stand out alongside the tanned bodies at the beach, putting way too much attention on you. A spray tan or cream can help to solve the issue and make your body look slimmer. It also gives your skin the advantage of being moisturized. Thanks to this cosmetic tool, your skin will look smoother, which is ideal for a woman’s hip area. You should apply the spray tan or cream for several days before visiting the beach.

5. Posture.

Rounded shoulders and backs always go hand in hand with protruding tummies and sides. Even people who don’t carry extra weight tend to get them once they slouch. Conversely, a straight back helps to correct and enhance breasts and the lower part of your waist. That’s why you should always remember to hold the right kind of posture when visiting the beach.

4. Food.

To keep your belly as flat as possible, you shouldn’t eat too much before going to the beach. Secondly, you should avoid products that cause bloating. Products like peas, cabbage, corn, pretzels, crackers, sausages, as well as carbonated drinks, and ice cocktails with fruit syrups can all make you bloat. While cold sugary drinks are incredibly appealing in hot weather, they have one major disadvantage: due to their high sugar content, they give the body a quick boost of energy and just as quickly drop your energy level down, leaving you with feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

It’s better to drink water and snack on nuts and fruit. Nuts can make you feel full when eaten in small amounts and fruit can be refreshing on a hot, sunny day. It’s better to eat bananas, watermelon, and citrus fruit. Try to stay away from apples, pears, grapes, and dried fruit because they can cause gas.

3. Towel

The towel you will use for sunbathing on the beach can also help create necessary visual effects. To look slimmer, it’s better to use a big, wide, long towel.

2. Proper footwear.

Beach footwear also possesses the magic of illusion. To make your legs look longer and slimmer, you should opt for wedge sandals. But it’s better to avoid footwear with straps, laces, and other frills on the ankle area. These elements visually cut off and shorten your legs. Flat thong sandals create an illusion of a smaller foot, while flip-flops make your feet look bigger. At the same time, your ankle will look thinner.

1. Correct angles and filters for photos.

Beach photos are a great opportunity to demonstrate your body's amazing parts and hide its imperfections by choosing the right poses and angles. Therefore, to look stunning, you should make some effort here as well. For example, it’s better to keep your chin up when posing for a photo to prevent a dark spot from the shadow on your neck making you look neckless. Moreover, you shouldn’t take photos with your legs placed too wide because it will make your silhouette look wider too.

We recommend that you look through different bloggers’ pages before visiting the beach. They will give you some great inspiration on how to take great photos. Don’t forget about the filters on your mobile phone, they can do wonders.

Beach season is the perfect time to not only show the world how stunning you look but also have some time to sit back and relax. And if you keep the latter in mind, the preparation for this long-awaited season will bring you the most satisfaction.