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Herbalife business plan pdf

Herbalife business plan pdf  

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Herbalife International (registered trademark) is a global company that is dedicated to helping people balance nutritional needs. Nutritional and weight loss products are sold directly to Herbalife members but also through independent distributors, creating a tremendous business opportunity for the entrepreneur that believes in the products and has a sincere desire to help people lead healthier lives. This is a great opportunity to sell directly to customers while also building a distributor team, earning commissions by helping others become nutritional distributors.

The term “Multi-Level Marketing” (MLM) has earned a poor reputation over the years because disreputable companies have created pyramid schemes that basically allow only the people at the top to earn money. Herbalife has been reviewed by the appropriate government agencies and has built a solid reputation since its inception in 1980. However, Herbalife business owners are sure to get questions about the company’s business model and need to be thoroughly prepared to respond appropriately.

The Herbalife corporation gives distributors a lot of support in the form of training and marketing materials according to the franchising business plan. However, every startup needs a business plan. The only way the business will be successful is if the Herbalife distributor has well-defined goals, a plan for developing a regular flow of customer and distributor leads, and the ability to close sales.