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All Dark side Of Herbalife | Herbalife छोड़ दोंगे.

11 things You Have to know about Herbalife.

In now days Nutritional products are essential part for the human body. but some people always trying to cheat you and trying to get benefits of your problem. In this video we will help you to protect your self an we give u 11 reasons why not try to join Herbalife.

Here is the all 11 reasons why not try to join Herbalife.

1.Herbalife is too much expensive.
2.Herbalife only focus on retail.
3.We are tied to do heavy repurchase in Herbalife.
4.Herbalife sponsors are not supportive.
5.Herbalife sponsors are too much greedy.
6.Here is an another problem which is yearly qualification.
7.You will not get any income from your supervisors until are not giving self business for the company.
8.Herbalife products are available on online selling platforms.
9.In now days people are want something different, more efficient and relivable.
10.In Herbalife, Your teammates are your biggest enemy.
11.In Herbalife, your future is not secure.

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