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IAMON Plan Scam | IAMON Plan Biggest Scam Ever

IAMON Plan Biggest Scam Ever

IAMON PLAN फर्जीवाड़ा goijng on now days. In this video I share how Iamon company doing scam with innocent people. Iamon offers fake and ungenuine business plan. I Am On company create the fake profile and try to attract the people for investment plan which is totally fake. Actually, Company owner and top leaders claim that Iamon promoted by ABP News channel which is totally false news. Actual picture is totally different, ABP news channel just cover the IAMON app as a Indian social Media app, they don't even know the actual reality of the company. IAMON company copies the osmose technology plan. even iamon business plan is totally similar to osmose plan like level income and so on. Only Joining amount and ROI is different. 

Iamon Joining Amount - Rs.1500 Daily ROI - Rs.25 Iamon Level Income - Level 1 - 1% Level 1 - 2% Level 1 - 3% Level 1 - 4% Level 1 - 5% Level 1 - 6% Level 1 - 7% #iamon #iamonplan #iamonscam #iamonbusinessplan # Disclaimer: The information available on this YouTube channel is for educational and information purposes only. This YouTube channel does not provide financial advise. This YouTube channel strictly advise viewers to never pay any fee/charges to any Freelancing sites/companies/individuals to get any part time/full time work